WorkLog PowerShell Module

As part of a new initiative, of sorts, I wanted a way to record daily accomplishments, which is something that I have thought about doing for quite some time, but never got enough motivation to actually do anything about it. That said, I decided to revisit, take action and come up with some requirements on what a workable solution would look like (for me): It needs to be easy to record entries (if it’s hard or cumbersome, it won’t have sustainability) It needs to fit into my daily workflow The format needs to be somewhat open/easy to move between different platforms (Mainly Windows & Mac OS) If possible, pick a solution that can sharpen a skill-set, in the process Given each of those, my final solution ended up being quite simple: GitHub and GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM) files.
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PowerShell HTML Disk Space Report

This is a recent HTML Disk Space report that I created which outputs a generic HTML report that contains server disk/partition space details. I schedule it to run weekly, but obviously you can use as you wish. In short, in reads in a list of servers from a text file, queries WMI for disk space detail, uses some expressions to format and calculate the space and then outputs the results into a report, sorted in ascending order by the percent of free space, per partition.
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Leveraging PowerShell

While I am no seasoned veteran with PowerShell, I have been using it heavily for the past 6 months or so to help automate tasks and increase the speed of my system management workflow. I have recently noticed that not many admins that I have been talking to, in and out of my place of work, are really leveraging what it has to offer. I realized that looking at an example .
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